Hella Mining HM500ADIR UltraRAY-R Twin Amber LED Warning Beacon

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Hella Mining HM500ADIR UltraRAY-R Twin Amber LED Warning Beacon

UltraRAY®-R Twin

LED Warning Beacon

As an addition to the HELLA LED beacon range, a new Twin LED beacon has been developed for increased visibility in bright sunlight with more than double the luminous intensity of the original UltraRAY®.

The UltraRAY®-R Twin LED features either a rotating or flashing pattern easily selectable by grounding the function wire, allowing users to change the flashing pattern with an in-cabin switch, removing the need to open the unit.


It is extremely robust, tolerant to severe vibration levels and very compact in design. Equipped with a high impact and shock resistant polycarbonate lens bolted to a heavy-duty cast alloy base, it is sealed by a neoprene O-ring against dust and water ingress.


The UltraRAY®-R Twin LED warning beacon is maintenance free with no moving parts or fragile bulbs. LED beacons are highly efficient, delivering up to a 70% energy saving over conventional beacons. This greatly reduces both operating temperature and demand on the vehicle’s electrical system.


Maximum service life and light output of the high intensity LEDs is ensured by integrating the heat sinks into the cast alloy base. The Multivolt™ control module encapsulated  directly into the base also protects the UltraRAY®-R Twin against damage from overheating, reverse polarity and short circuits. (See technical section for more Multivolt™ information.)


The UltraRAY®-R Twin LED warning beacon is optimized for continuous use applications on mining equipment, to ensure highly effective warning efficiency in daylight on surface operations in the extreme environmental conditions encountered in mining applications.


The UltraRAY®-R Twin LED also features a patented Helio® shield, which protects the beacon’s internal components from UV damage. The UltraRAY®-R Twin. LED beacon is available in five LED signal colors (amber, red, blue, green and white) to suit all signal applications. Installation is possible with either the standard direct mount, or an optional magnetic mount or pipe mounting kit.

Product features

  • Certified  SAE J845 Class 1 red & amber
  • Available in amber, red, blue, green and white
  • User selectable output (rotate or quad flash patterns)
  • Automatic daylight detection
  • Impact resistant smooth polycarbonate lens
  • Precision Fresnel optics
  • Powder-coated cast alloy base
  • Direct, pipe mount or magnetic installation options
  • Low current draw
  • EMC Tested
  • Fully encapsulated electronics
  • Overheat, reverse polarity and short circuit protection
  • High efficiency, long life LED light
  • Requires 10 Amp fuse


5 Year LED WarrantyAll HELLA Mining LED products are covered by a five (5) year warranty on light output, excluding environmental and physical damage.


More Information
Manufacturer Hella
Hella SAP No. 910.097-001
Barcode 9314365571237
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